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Honesty, compassion, and a sense of humour describes how I interact with my clients best. A bright, uplifting style is what I aim for, but I won’t sugarcoat when it comes to serious issues affecting your life or (temporarily) making you feel hopeless. Now nearly two decades into my career, I’ve used my clairvoyance, claircognisance, and clairsentience to help my clients make the kind of spiritual and personal connections they are seeking. I’m well versed in relationship issues of all kinds and, over the years, have become quite adept at dealing with soulmate relationships, no matter how complex or long the situation with your other half has been unfolding!

 I find a great deal of satisfaction in addressing work related concerns, as well – from helping clients who have been in long-term work situations who wish to move up the ladder to those pondering exploring new directions career-wise or even asssisting entrepreneurial-inclined souls setting out to fulfill a dream or beginning the process of launching a new business of their own – it always has been and always will be a real treat for me to nurture and participate in the career successes of my clients, no matter how modest or lofty their goals might be.

I truly believe that everyone is psychic – it’s just to what degree you have ability. This helped me to realise early on in my career that my clients most often consult me needing only a second opinion or someone to back them up and really validate what they have already picked up on, or sense looming ahead of them in the future.

It is also my belief that every legitimate psychic has lived through the experiences his or her clients will endure one day because this best allows us to not just identify what you are going through, but to empathise with you, too. Because it’s clear I can’t experience or live through everything, I am very well aware that I cannot and will not connect with every person who consults me as a result. Yet it is a point of pride that in such situations I’m quite upfront (very quickly so) if I feel I cannot connect with you properly. It is also a matter of great satisfaction to  be in the company of such gifted psychics – all of whom I have absolute faith can connect in those rare situations where I cannot! 

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